Buying real estate in Florida

Tourism in Cape Coral continues to boom, and this has led us to establish a unique service that goes far beyond just your usual travel planning.

As a company active in both vacation rental and real estate sales, we understand both investment opportunities and the impact of tourism on the real estate market. Our professional management offers you a comprehensive and completely worry-free management package.

This can include purchase advice, interior design, new build/conversion planning and management or property letting and management.

We’re often asked how to buy property in Florida, or if it’s even possible. We have all the necessary licenses and a wealth of experience with which to assist you. Our real estate service is completely free of charge for clients who buy property. This is because in Florida, the seller always pays the real estate agent and all notary fees.

Once you've decided on the perfect property, we can begin the process of setting up your new home, making it fun and stress-free. When you're ready to start letting, we'll take care of approval, tax registration, photography and all the other details needed to get your vacation rental up and running.

We are committed to professionalism, first class service, product quality, fast communication, maximizing revenue and best environmental practices. Our years of experience, excellent revenues for owners, high level of care for the homes we manage and outstanding communication with owners and guests distinguish us as a company.

We have the experience to ensure your property succeeds, whether you're buying and remodeling an old property, planning and building a new one or starting out with a land purchase. We are your partner in this process and can help in all situations. You can find an overview on our villas page. Almost all the houses there have been acquired, converted or newly built and furnished / decorated by us.

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